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Wed, 07 Feb 2018 16:05:04 +0100
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ENGINE-250: address fixes and more; lower() still does something really goofy on the FIRST run with make test, but only then, and even if all databases and keyrings are removed, case_and_dot_address_test still passes for every time after until the next time you make clean *with the whole engine* and rebuild. BIZARRE.
     1 c51c34a97ba7345f4fe9cd1313335f41e0da17b1 list
     2 b5d0f1e3b9c7f727c427562a0e9ff1a027250820 0.7
     3 2b4d6c760ad771d9917cd6f0f96c4ab379d75d1d 0.7.0
     4 a1ba15c1ac041c780e52e759db6b77d116f29c72 0.8.0
     5 3efe9ded2561d3f6d406acbcbcee01b823cb4de8 for_Outlook-1.1.10
     6 fa00137505b8528c77efe8df40963f5fef452cad 0.9.0 release
     7 b70a6082836b89f8718b23dcba0624d6db318033 ENGINE-323 fixed