VIT Workshop 3: Agenda Completed

The Tentative Agenda for the Values of Internet Technologies workshop no. 3 taking place on September 11 in Geneva and Zurich is now complete.

Tentative Agenda

9:30 Introduction & Presentation Round
10m (Imai Jen-La Plante, Hernâni Marques and Michael Hausding)

9:40 What are Human Rights and how did they emerge?
20m (Ellen Walker –

10:10 How do and which of the Human Rights relate to the digital sphere?
20m (Richard Hill – ISOC Switzerland Chapter)

10:20 Coffee Break – 20m

11:00 How do Human Rights relate to Internet protocols? Insights from work inside the Human Rights Protocol Considerations (HRPC) group
20m (Hernâni Marques – pEp foundation)

11:30 Panel Discussion: Potential and challenges for technology in protecting Human Rights
1h (Moderator: Imai Jen-La Plante)

12:30 Lunch – 1h30m

14:00 Digital rights as human rights: The important role of Free, Libre, and Open Source Software
30m (Panayotis Antoniadis –

14:30 Coffee Break – 20m

14:50 Analysis of current Internet protocols in terms of Human Rights
30m (Hernâni Marques – pEp foundation)

15:20 Discussion

16:00 Farewell

Registration: Still Open!

Registration is still open: please register for this event, taking place in Geneva and Zurich!