p≡p participated at FrOSCon with a booth and a talk

Our talk was presented on Sunday at 3pm in the main track of Crossroads of Privacy.
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FrOSCon is an abbreviation for Free and Open Source Software Conference and its main topics are Free Software and Open Source, so that's a place were we belong to. FrOSCon 2018 took place at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg on August 25 and 26.

FrOSCon's Hot Topics in 2018

Each year FrOSCon focuses on some topics. For 2018 these were:

  • Being blessed by the algorithm - (S)election bias in code
  • There's a Tux in your window - The year of Linux on the Desktop?
  • The crossroads of privacy - wealth of data and a new gold rush.
  • The Spectre of hardware bugs - how to handle security meltdowns.
  • Cloud-native on demand distributed containerized RESTful serverless on premise microservice: Hello World! as a service.
  • Our Area of Participation: The Crossroads of Privacy

So we went ahead and submitted our talk to the Crossroads of Privacy topic, having the following message:
Let's "optimize" the cost of mass surveillance by rolling out encryption for the masses! We're already heading forward on that crossroad of privacy! We're developing pretty Easy privacy (pEp or p≡p) to make encryption easily available for everyone."

Our Booth on Privacy by Default

Besides the talk we also had a booth, which was quite fun and a rather new experience for us – we should be doing this more often!

Thanks to our dear friends from we had loads of different stickers, as usual. As we had learned from our FOSDEM 2017 (cf. stand together with GNU Taler) experience, we prepared printouts of our source code repositories for the table. Why? At FOSDEM we've been asked very often: "What are you, a campaign for Privacy by Default?" And we've been like: "Ehm, we're actually developing software", so that day itself we were prepared with such printouts in Brussels, so we could point them to actual hands-on practice immediately.

We really liked the interested folks at FrOSCon and wanna thank the (fully volunteer!) organizers and wish them all the best for the next 13 years of a wonderful FrOSCon events!

Author: sva