p≡p is honored to receive the SUMA Award at this year's SUMA Congress with the main topic 'Demonopolize the net'.

SUMA Awards are conferred anually to projects which have a big impact on the Internet. The organization behind the SUMA Awards is SUMA-EV, a German association for free knowledge access and known for running MetaGar, a privacy-aware search engine.

The top awards were awarded as follows:

  1. Edward Snowden
  2. p≡p - pretty Easy privacy
  3. prism-break.org

Volker Birk, council member of the p≡p foundation and lead developer of the p≡p project, was personally present in Hamburg to receive the award,stating: "The p≡p project's goal is to enable all users (citizens, enterprises and public offices) to easily encrypt their communications."

Focusing on the topic of demonopolization, Volker continued: "Encryption with p≡p happens independently of the providers' assistance (or failure thereof) in securing the users communications. By design, p≡p is platform-independent as well as device-based and it automatizes end-to-end encryption. p≡p is 100% peer-to-peer and fosters the decentralization of the net."

Leon Schumacher, co-founder of p≡p and CEO of p≡p Security in Luxembourg, which commercializes p≡p in the corporate world, was unable to attend the award ceremony due to his commitments at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, where he is presenting p≡p to the world for the first time. Leon says "It is a great honor for us to receive this award and I am extremely pleased that SUMA-EV chose to recognize all the hard work of our team. We will continue our efforts to establish Privacy by Default and to make secure e-mail and instant messaging very easy with p≡p. For everyone, everywhere"

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p≡p is very grateful to SUMA-EV and RevEx db one GmbH, which both sponsered the prices.

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