Today, a global network of activists, civil rights organizations and corporations call to join forces and stand together to defend Net Neutrality. Everyone shall participate, be it at individual or collective level, in order to defend the free flow of information.

From p≡p foundation's deed (English translation; PDF) it's clear that the p≡p foundation is not just about defending and promoting privacy, but also freedom of information and free speech.

In the USA plans are ready to give big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) the power to interfere with their customer's Internet connections. This can result in sites to be blocked or slowed down to an extent they can be considered blocked in practice. This also allows corporations to charge money for having access to certain sites and services.

But why should this bother us, as an organization operating from within Europe and particularly Switzerland?

Firstly, the Internet is a global network. Inherently, borders are not part of the Internet. Any negative impact on US-based networks, will more sooner than later also impact other parts of the Internet.

Secondly, the p≡p project, consisting of the p≡p foundation and its commercial partners, is an effort for the benefit of all Internet users. Borders are not part of our concept, either.

Thirdly, also in Switzerland, from where we mainly operate, there are plans threatening Internet freedom. Most importantly, a gambling law (cf. German site) is being prepared with the proposition to build up a censorhip infrastructure in Switzerland. The pretended goal is to protect the domestic market in the area of gambling online services (e.g., gambling online games like Poker), but in the long-run this will lead to the end of the open and free Internet in Switzerland, once such practices are legalized for any industry sector.

The Internet is too important for very different areas of society to just consider it being a private good, where sites and services can be artifically made scarce resources. The Internet is to be considered a public good, which must be protected against attacks from state-level and corporate actors in pursuing their very narrow interests.

That said, please join the call for global action and stand with us for Net Neutrality!