In today's world GnuPG is a very important project to protect both privacy and security.

As a tool to verify the integrity of packages when doing software updates, GnuPG is widely deployed in the xBSD and GNU/Linux worlds. The Internet's backbone relies on such operating systems and thus GnuPG to function properly. GnuPG allows to verify the correct packages (signed by the authors / vendors) are being installed and not versions which were altered by possible attackers. Similarly, GnuPG can be used to verify the authenticity of messages. Used correctly, GnuPG can help to proect against phishing and especially spear-phishing attacks.

At the same time, our constitutional rights are being threatened by corporate and state-run practices of scoring, data mining and mass surveillance. In these fields, GnuPG is an important tool to protect the privacy and confidentiality of citizens, public offces and enterprises of any kind. Most importantly, activists, journalists and whistleblowers rely on GnuPG to pursue private communications. GnuPG is thus an important tool for the preservation of democracy.

The p≡p foundation also relies on GnuPG as a core component to provide software for automatic message encryption, particularly for emails.

We already donated EUR 5000 to the GnuPG project and will provide further donations in the future.

Please respond to the GnuPG Fundraising Rally and donate to GnuPG, so more people can be engaged to maintain and furtherly develop GnuPG. It's also important the GnuPG project can be run without depending on large donations.