p≡p for iOS Beta: Try Out Now!

p≡p security, developer of various p≡p end-user software, shipped us a link by which the long-awaited p≡p for iOS app can be tried out! 100 users are allowed to enter this beta programme.

Try Out p≡p for iOS via TestFlight

To try out p≡p for iOS, TestFlight must be installed. That's possible for both, iPhones and iPads. If you encounter any bugs, please report them to The TestFlight programme is limited to 100 users.

Publication in AppStore Is Pending

Since several weeks p≡p for iOS is pending to be published in the AppStore by Apple: that version is practically the same to the one you can try out now -- there's no feature-limitation whatsoever. A review process at Apple is taking place to finally make the app accessible to all users. Possible bugs which might be encountered these days will be fixed and pushed as an update accordingly.