p≡p for email apps: available for free!

p≡p security provides the p≡p email apps for Android (PlayStore / F-Droid) and iOS for free. Particularly gratifying: in Apple's US AppStore, the app has a maximum rating of 5.0 among 52 users; it also has an elevated rating in the AppStore of other countries--keep it up and congratulations to the developers!

p≡p for Android

The p≡p email app for Android can be downloaded for free from the GooglePlay store or the free (community-run) F-Droid repository.

p≡p for iOS

Similarly, the p≡p email app for iOS is free in the Apple AppStore.

Support requests and feature requests

If you have any issues with your p≡p app or would like to suggest changes, you can contact p≡p security .

Have fun encrypting!