IETF: pEp Internet-Drafts, MEDUP Mailing List and IETF-104 Agenda

Since IETF-103 in Bangkok, we updated some of our Internet-Drafts and also added a new one on protecting meta data in email. Additionally, we now have a mailing list to discuss our approaches and will also be present with an agenda at IETF-104 taking place in Prague this month.

New Internet-Draft

The new Internet-Draft is an IETF contribution to the LAMPS working group: with draft-luck-lamps-pep-header-protection-01, we document the pretty Easy privacy (pEp) approach to protect meta data in email as effective and interoperable we can -- basically we do that by message encapsulation.

Internet-Drafts Updated

The four drafts updated are:

MEDUP Mailing List

Thanks to the ART area directors, we got a mailing list called MEDUP (see also archives), which descriptively stands for "Missing Elements for Decentralized and Usable Privacy". We will use this mailing list to discuss and further develop the pEp approach to decentralized and usable privacy; the focus is not limited to email and is also open to contributions of other projects and standardization efforts to make privacy in messaging easily possible and in way it works without any single point of control. List administrators are Bernie Hoeneisen and Hernâni Marques, both actors of ISOC Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH) and the pEp project.

MEDUP Agenda at IETF-104, Prague

We will be present at IETF-104 in Prague this month and decided to run a self-organized session around the contents announced to the MEDUP mailing list so far. With that, we want to attract interest and open up our work to a larger audience. The most recent version of the agenda can always be found online. To assess how much interest there's in our session, it would be nice you could sign up with whatever name / nickname fits you best: poll.