IETF-102 in Montreal: Presentation of five pEp Internet-Drafts

Since the IETF-99 in Prague the p≡p foundation is working together with ISOC Switzerland to document pretty Easy privacy: this work also enjoys financial support through an ISOC Beyond the Net grant. To engage with the Internet community and have pEp specified in the most interoperable way possible, we attend and participate in IETF meetings as of June 2017.

As of now, five drafts were submitted, which as such we roughly presented at IETF-102 in Montreal inside the meeting of the Applications and Real-Time Area (ART). This meeting took place during the dispatch session (cf. pEp slides as PDF). However, we neither seeked nor was it already time to have pEp work dispatched.

The five drafts submitted so far and furtherly to be developped are:

We'll invest more work on making the drafts more complete and precise, taking feedback we received during the IETF meetings so far into account as well as feedback from practices from using pEp - this includes trials of pEp inside big organizations, in which our commercial partner p≡p security is specialized in.