Enigmail/p≡p: Version 1.0.23 of p≡p Distribution for Enigmail 2.0.8 (and higher) Is Live

For the current Enigmail version 2.0.8 (and newer ones in the future), a new p≡p distribution (1.0.23) was released. It doesn't introduce any new features, but fixes known issues. Updates for existing users occur automatically.

Some Isuses Fixed

Some of the issues fixed (after the first April 2018 release) include:

  • Fix errors not being catched during startup and resulting in p≡p not being found.

  • Fix broken GPG config files, which may result in GnuPG not being found by p≡p.

  • Fix wrong daemonization with the p≡p JSON Server Adapter, resulting in it not being contactable (and thus p≡p being found by Enigmail).

  • Fix a bug resulting in new additional key pairs being created without any need (e.g., insufficient key length or expiration).

Prior Bugfix Release

Prior to this, by the end of August 2018 p≡p distribution 1.0.20 for Enigmail/p≡p was shipped out to (existing) macOS users only. This fixes a well-known bug 766 resulting in users being repeatedly asked to install a GnuPG package (even if not necessary). This bug is also fixed in the now shipped 1.0.23 bugfix release.