Beta version of p≡p for Thunderbird on Linux now available!

We are pleased to inform that p≡p security has announced the first beta version of p≡p for Thunderbird (download here). This makes the former Enigmail/p≡p project entirely obsolete, now also on the Linux platform. This release was possible through active participation of p≡p foundation employees in the whole process.

Automatic and cross-platform email encryption

The provided installation package sets up Thunderbird installations so that it can be used to automatically encrypt messages for any email account on popular Linux distributions: like Red-Hat- or Ubuntu-based systems.

The automation distinguishes p≡p for Thunderbird significantly from the built-in OpenPGP support for encrypted emails in Thunderbird. Keys from a former OpenPGP setup are automatically imported. In addition, p≡p for Thunderbird can be transparently used together with other p≡p for email software, such as to read and write encrypted messages across the devices one owns with the same email accounts (find accompanying p≡p software on

Core technology used

p≡p security uses our technology provided as Free Software to automate end-to-end encryption. The underlying cryptographic library is Sequoia, which is also owned and developed by us.

Help in testing

We would like to point out that the first beta version still comes without an updater (it is in the works). Please subscribe to the thunderbird-announce mailinglist by writing a plain email to the join address. By this, you will be actively informed about new versions.

Furtherly, interested users are encouraged to consult the Thunderbird wiki page to learn about the beta software and to participate in the testing. Please always check the "Known issues" section there.

Report problems and bugs

If problems occur or bugs are discovered, they can be reported to p≡p security using the support address. There is also a user forum at where you can share your experiences.