p≡p foundationhttps://pep.foundation/blog/feeds/atom/2018-09-18T10:16:06+00:00Privacy by Default.p≡p participated at FrOSCon with a booth and a talk2018-09-18T10:16:06+00:00sva/blog/author/sva/https://pep.foundation/blog/pep-participated-at-froscon-with-a-booth-and-a-talk/<p> <a href="https://www.froscon.de/">FrOSCon</a> is an abbreviation for <i>Free and Open Source Software Conference</i> and its main topics are Free Software and Open Source, so that's a place were we belong to. FrOSCon 2018 took place at the <a href="https://www.h-brs.de">University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg</a> on August 25 and 26. <br><br> <img src="/static/media/uploads/blog/froscon2018.jpg" width="400"> </p> <h3>FrOSCon's Hot Topics in 2018</h3> Each year FrOSCon focuses on some topics. For 2018 these were: <ul> <li><b>Being blessed by the algorithm</b> - (S)election bias in code</li> <li><b>There's a Tux in your window</b> - The year of Linux on the Desktop?</li> <li><b>The crossroads of privacy</b> - wealth of data and a new gold rush.</li> <li><b>The Spectre of hardware bugs</b> - how to handle security meltdowns.</li> <li><b>Cloud-native on demand distributed containerized RESTful serverless on premise microservice:</b> Hello World! as a service.</li> </ul> <h3>Our Area of Participation: The Crossroads of Privacy</h3> So we went ahead and submitted our talk to the <b>Crossroads of Privacy</b> topic, having the following message:<br> <i>Let's "optimize" the cost of mass surveillance by rolling out encryption for the masses! We're already heading forward on that crossroad of privacy! We're developing pretty Easy privacy (pEp or p≡p) to make encryption easily available for everyone."</i> <h3>Our Talk on p≡p</h3> Our talk was presented on Sunday at 3pm in the main track of <b>Crossroads of Privacy</b>; you can find the recording here:<br><br> <iframe allowfullscreen="" height="288" src="https://media.ccc.de/v/froscon2018-2181-let_s_roll_out_mass_encryption/oembed" width="512"></iframe><br> (For direct downloads, check: <a href="https://media.ccc.de/v/froscon2018-2181-let_s_roll_out_mass_encryption">https://media.ccc.de/v/froscon2018-2181-let_s_roll_out_mass_encryption</a>.) <h3>Our Booth on Privacy by Default</h3> Besides the talk we also had a booth, which was quite fun and a rather new experience for us – we should be doing this more often! <p> Thanks to our dear friends from <a href="https://www.stickma.de/">stickma.de</a> we had loads of different stickers, as usual. As we had learned from our FOSDEM 2017 (cf. <a href="https://archive.fosdem.org/2017/stands/">stand</a> together with <a href="https://taler.net/">GNU Taler</a>) experience, we prepared printouts of our source code repositories for the table. Why? At FOSDEM we've been asked very often: <i>"What are you, a campaign for <b>Privacy by Default</b>?"</i> And we've been like: <i>"Ehm, we're actually developing software"</i>, so that day itself we were prepared with such printouts in Brussels, so we could point them to actual hands-on practice immediately.</p> <p> We really liked the interested folks at FrOSCon and wanna thank the (fully volunteer!) organizers and wish them all the best for the next 13 years of a wonderful FrOSCon events! </p>