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Sequoia: Second Blog Post on "The State of the Seedling"

With a second blog post, the Sequoia project is informing about the progress of our new OpenPGP implementation in the Rust language, which will be easy deployable as a library. Actually, there's also progress in integrating it with the p≡p engine as Justus Winter is reporting — one of the three former GnuPG developers we employed to work on this project.

Enigmail/p≡p: Current Update 1.0.24 Fixes Bug Under Windows

Breathe easy with Enigmail/p≡p under Windows:
On October 3, we informed about a serious bug in Enigmail/p≡p mode for Windows which was introduced with the 1.0.23 update on September 26. At the earliest by the end of September, a maximum of 6,000 of the estimated 145,000 Windows users of Enigmail/p≡p were affected by this error. Since Friday, 10pm CEST and after intensive tests version 1.0.24 of p≡p distribution is now being delivered, which also protects affected users who did not follow our workaround.