7at7 in Mai on pretty Easy privacy

Please join tomorrow's 7at7 session--this time on pretty Easy privacy whose core technology we develop. There will be interviews with the people involved and plenty of room for discussions. The event will start at 7pm CEST (Zurich time) and can be joined fully online (direct link is

Beta version of p≡p for Thunderbird on Linux now available!

We are pleased to inform that p≡p security has announced the first beta version of p≡p for Thunderbird (download here). This makes the former Enigmail/p≡p project entirely obsolete, now also on the Linux platform. This release was possible through active participation of p≡p foundation employees in the whole process.

p≡p for email apps: available for free!

p≡p security provides the p≡p email apps for Android (PlayStore / F-Droid) and iOS for free. Particularly gratifying: in Apple's US AppStore, the app has a maximum rating of 5.0 among 52 users; it also has an elevated rating in the AppStore of other countries--keep it up and congratulations to the developers!