p≡p foundation

The Right to Privacy and the Right to Freedom of Information are part of the inalienable Human Rights.
These Rights are listed in Article 12 and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ­ based on Resolution 217 A (III) of the UN General Assembly ­ as Objects of Legal Protection.

In a time when Chartered Rights are being more and more threatened, measures have to be taken into our own hands in order to protect and preserve them. Especially because of the Internet the circumstances for a majority of people have changed completely, and unfortunately not for the better.

Often hidden, stealthy but officially as well, and always with a claim of necessity – called “TINA”, “There is No Alternative” – these Rights are being more and more restricted under the false pretense of keeping the citizens safe. Fears are being stoked, aided by the media and linked to the acts of terrorism. Hereby security is argued, which is only possible by collecting and storing records of all phone calls and e-mails. They're baiting us with “loyalty programs”, where all purchases are recorded and attached to personal profiles. No light is flashing, no alarm is sounding off, no signal is making it obvious to anyone what actually is happening. This is what we want, because we have nothing to hide – or do we?

p≡p foundation advocates Privacy. The p≡p engine was developed for this purpose and drives several crypto standards on different digital channels. It shall ultimately restore Privacy by Default. p≡p engine is distributed as Free Software to support Privacy for everyone. With that p≡p aims to restore the balance again in worldwide communications in favor of Privacy and Freedom of Information.