portrait of Hernâni Marques

Hernâni Marques

Council Member and Coordination

Hernâni Marques is Computational Linguist, Sociologist and Neuroinformatician and with p≡p since it's very beginning. He's an activist for privacy, freedom of information and freedom of speech and as such active in many political campaigns, usually in Switzerland.


MA in Computational Linguistics and Sociology (University of Zurich) / BA in Computatioinal Linguistics, Sociology and Neuroinformatics (University of Zurich)

Volker Birk

Council member and Chief Software Architect

Volker Birk is recognized as a genius software architect and activist in the opensource space. He is the mastermind behind the p≡p protocols which solve the problem of automated peer-to-peer key-, identity- and trust- management. Volker is an active member in the community supporting projects for privacy, security and freedom. Volker has made p≡p the answer to solve the global cyber security protection problem and bring the cyber criminals’ party to an end.


Over the last 30 years Volker worked as an independent software architect building systems and solving problems for clients across multiple industries and countless technology and software platforms.


Volker stopped continuing his studies when he was asked by Prof. Dr. Hans Ott to hold master lectures in Ulm instead. Since, he held lectures at the University of Heidenheim for eleven years – whereof six years as a member of the examination board - without ever finishing any university program.

portrait of Volker Birk